02:23 Ticket #14 (deleting the last dive crashed the app) created by anonymous
If you add some dives, and delete them one by one, it crashes right when …


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18:01 New forum REEFS created by eskil
Requests, Enhancements, Encouragements & Features - REEFs - Anything you want to say about the app, what you'd like to see added to it or just general comments.
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02:23 Ticket #13 (Emailed plan has wrong OC RMV and CCR MOR values.) created by eskil
Both values seem to be completely off, but it's only the html export, …


20:35 New topic on Announcements created by eskil
0.9.2 Available on AppStore
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0.9.2 Posted to AppStore


18:48 Ticket #4 (Configurable base altitude) closed by eskil
duplicate: Tracked in ticket:12.
18:47 Ticket #8 (Configurable OC/CCR gas switch time.) closed by eskil
duplicate: Tracked in ticket:11.
18:46 Ticket #12 (Add more configurable fields.) created by eskil
Needs ; * base altitude * o2/he narcotic * default preferred deco …
18:44 Ticket #11 (Background and speed up dynamic recalculation.) created by eskil
17:44 Ticket #9 (Zhl16b does not handle multilevel oc/ccr changing right.) closed by eskil
17:44 Ticket #3 (Bailout profiles for CCR) closed by eskil
17:43 Ticket #6 (O2 consumption in CCR mode) closed by eskil
17:41 Ticket #7 (Switching to/from msw/fsw with a dive planned leaves the last stop and ...) closed by eskil
fixed: Fixed in change 720, 721, 722 and 732.
17:41 Ticket #2 (Decay CNS/OTU for repetitive dives.) closed by eskil
fixed: Fixed in change 662 and 664.
17:39 Ticket #10 (UI shows wrong conservatism for VPM/B) closed by eskil
fixed: Fixed in change 752.
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