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Baltic Deco Planner Frequently Asked Question

Have a question ?
Want more details to an existing answer ?
Feel free to post a question in the Q&A Forum.


I'd like to report a problem, how and where ?

You're welcome to file a ticket (you can now do this with registering first), post in the Q&A forum (registered users) or via  email. If the report is related to a generated dive plan, please be sure to include the plan parameters and if possible, the plan itself. You can use the apps email feature to email the plan to yourself.

I'd like to suggest a feature/enhancement, how and where ?

Please post these in the REEFS forum first. This will give me some time to think about it and let other people chime in. If the feature isn't already on the roadmap, a ticket can be filed to keep it on the map.

I have some concerns…

Again, feel free to reach out directly to  me or post about them in the Q&A forum.

How do I ... ?

Bailout and repetitive dives, how do I ... ?

If you've done a CCR bailout and you want to know what happens to the rest of the dives (assuming you're not calling it quits for the day), you'll have to change the plan in which you bailed. Since Baltic supports bailout planning for both levels and stops, it's fairly simple to capture this for repetitive dives.

Say that you bailed at the 70fsw/21msw stop, go to your plan and change your bailout gasses from BAIL to OC and set the start depth accordingly. The plan will now reflect the bailout, and subsequent dives in the workset will take this into account.


What tables/algorithm does Baltic use ?

Baltic implements VPM/B and ZHL16B with Gradient Factors, it is not based on table look-ups.

What ZHL16 values are used ?

The halftimes used (0.9 and upwards) are ;

  • N2: 4, 8, 12.5, 18.5, 27, 38.3, 54.3, 77, 109, 146, 187, 239, 305, 390, 498, 635
  • He: 1.88, 3.02, 4.72, 6.99, 10.21, 14.48, 20.53, 29.11, 41.20, 55.19, 70.69, 90.34, 115.29, 147.42, 188.24, 240.03

For ZHL16, the a and b coeffecients are the B values.

Where did the algorithm implementations come from ?

Both were implemented for another project in 2007 and 2008 respectively. The ZHL16 implementation is based on available litterature, such as Dr. Bühlmann's Tauchmedizin, and Dr. Wienke's Technical Diving in Depth.

The VPM/B implementation is a reimplementation of Erik C. Baker's reference fortran implementation.