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0.9.2 Posted to AppStore


A week later than planned, but I was having trouble with the email feature - ended up filing a bug on the iPhones handling of mailto: urls when it turned out that small changes to the subject caused launching the mail app to fail.

But I've done a workaround and it should be ready for use. Here's the new features/changes ;

  • Email dive plan.
  • CCR bailout profiles, cave/wreck and OW from any level/stop.
  • Lost Gas profiles.
  • CNS/OTUs decay for repetitive dives.
  • Better handling of changing a plan between metric and imperial.
  • Fixes to ZHL16B when mixing CCR and OC.
  • Fixes to CCR O2 consumption calculation.
  • Fixes and improvements to UI.
  • Minor speed improvements to both VPM/B and ZHL16B algorithms.
  • Fixes to handling errors.

It's posted, and will hopefully be available soon. I'll update the screenshots later tonight.



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