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For a natural muscle building program, you need to use good nutrition as the foundation for providing your body the building blocks which it needs to grow and develop larger muscles. This is in contrast to muscle builders who use drugs like steroids or stimulants to promote muscle growth or accelerate muscle development. By using a proper nutritional support approach, this will complement the physical stimulus that you are providing with your exercise program.
So, what are three great foods for a natural muscle building program?
If you are a little underweight, you may want to consider an addition of an appropriate amount of protein to your diet. This nutrient is readily available in meats, milk and nuts such as peanuts. If you want to manage the amount of these foods in your diet but still get the protein you need, consider a natural supplement such as whey derived from egg whites which provides protein in a more concentrated form. You can add whey to drinks or mixed in to other foods to increase the protein content.

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