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How To Plan a CCR Dive by keeping a Max Bailout Time

Say you want to plan a CCR diveand you're going to 120fsw, using air at 1.2 ppo2, air as bailout and you aiming at a dive time between 90 and 120 minutes. You're diving on a wall that goes shallow, and you want limit your dive to have at max 30 minutes of bailout time.

First, make a plan for 120fsw, air @ 1.2 for 5 minutes, and under "Deco Gases/Bailout?", add air, starting at 120fsw and set it to OC. Setting it to OC effectively makes it a bailout plan, since it makes Baltic use the deco gas from the time you leave the last level. I've also set OC Switch Time (in main settings) to 1 minute, since by default Baltic will add 1 minute when bailing out (*).

Now to aim for 30 mins of max bailout deco time, go the leveleditor. Note the field that says "DT: 4". Increment the Bottom Time until it says "30", save the level and you now have a plan that has a 30 minute bailout from the bottom. The cuft of air consumption in this plan is the maximum amount of bailout you'll need. Even though we'll add levels, they'll be shallower and max bailout time will still be 30, hence have less consumption. In case, 38cuft is needed, so a 40cuft tank might suffice. Keep in mind this will be using your "Deco OC RMV" setting.

Now go add a level. It'll default to the same depth and gas as the previous level, and 5 minutes of bottom time. 5 minutes seems like a reasonable amount of time for the next shallower limit, so let's go shallow until the deco time drops below 30 minutes. Once there, start moving the bottom time up, until you're back at 30 minutes. In this case, 90fsw for 13 minutes ;

Now repeat again ; Add a level, go shallower and watch the deco time drop. This time we get 27 minutes at 80fsw, so we can crank the bottom time up until we get 30 minutes of deco time.

Now repeat again ; Add a level, go shallower and watch the deco time drop. This time we get 28 minutes at 70fsw, so we can crank the bottom time up, aiming for 30 minutes. At 60 minutes, deco time is 30 minutes, and the runtime is now 131 minutes - well above the 90-120 mark, but this is with 30 minutes of deco.

You may choose to continue shallower and shallower levels to match the terrain you're diving and still get bailout plans for each shallower leg.

Now to get the non-bailout plan, just set the DecoGas? back into BAIL mode, and you'll have a the CCR plan. Runtime ended at 100 minutes with just 11 minutes of deco at the end ;

Verify the bailout by tapping the 70fsw level and then bailout, now do it again for the 80, 90 and finally 120fsw ;

At each stage, you can turn the iphone left and get the condensed plan

You might want to tweak the plan to have more "even" times than numbers like 16 and 13 minutes. In that case, in each step just pick times/depths to the numbers are prettier, but may not hit exactly 30 minutes of Bailout Time.

(*) Bailout "penalty" time may be configurable later. OC Switch Time in this specific usage isn't used in 0.9.5. However when used (later than 0.9.5).