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    1 As example, say you want to limit your dive to 30 of bailout at max, and you're going to 120fsw, air at 1.2 ppo2, air a bailout, and aiming at a dive time between 90 and 120 minutes. 
     1Say you want to plan a CCR diveand you're going to 120fsw, using air at 1.2 ppo2, air as bailout and you aiming at a dive time between 90 and 120 minutes. You're diving on a wall that goes shallow, and you want limit your dive to have at max 30 minutes of bailout time. 
    33First, make a plan for 120fsw, air @ 1.2 for 5 minutes, and under "Deco Gases/Bailout", add air, starting at 120fsw and set it to OC. Setting it to OC effectively makes it a bailout plan, since it makes Baltic use the deco gas from the time you leave the last level. I've also set OC Switch Time (in main settings) to 1 minute, since by default Baltic will add 1 minute when bailing out (*). 
    2121[[Image(wiki:HowToPlanCCRByMaxBailoutTime:Step5.1AddLevel.png, 150px, border=1)]] [[Image(wiki:HowToPlanCCRByMaxBailoutTime:Step5.2Tweak.png, 150px, border=1)]] [[Image(wiki:HowToPlanCCRByMaxBailoutTime:Step5.3Tweak.png, 150px, border=1)]] [[Image(wiki:HowToPlanCCRByMaxBailoutTime:Step5.4Plan.png, 150px, border=1)]] [[Image(wiki:HowToPlanCCRByMaxBailoutTime:Step5.5Profile.png, 150px, border=1)]]  
     23You may choose to continue shallower and shallower levels to match the terrain you're diving and still get bailout plans for each shallower leg. 
    2325Now to get the non-bailout plan, just set the DecoGas back into BAIL mode, and you'll have a the CCR plan. Runtime ended at 100 minutes with just 11 minutes of deco at the end ; 
    3638You might want to tweak the plan to have more "even" times than numbers like 16 and 13 minutes. In that case, in each step just pick times/depths to the numbers are prettier, but may not hit exactly 30 minutes of Bailout Time. 
    3841(*) Bailout "penalty" time may be configurable later. OC Switch Time in this specific usage isn't used in 0.9.5. However when used (later than 0.9.5).