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QuickStart? Guide

Follow this quick guide for a walkthough on how to create a quick profile in Baltic.

Home Screen

This is the Baltic Dive Home Screen
1. To plan a dive tap on "Add Dive"

*Please see additional settings for details on how to change altitude and deco algorithm settings.

Dive Editor Screen

This is the Dive Editor Screen. Currently there are no levels.
1. To plan a dive tap on "Add Level"

*Please see "Ascent and RMV Settings" for details on how to change "Ascent / RMV."

Level Editor Screen

This is the Level Editor Screen. The level number for this dive is listed at the top of the screen.
1. To plan a descent rotate the "Depth" wheel until you get the depth planned.
2. Now rotate the "Bottom Time" wheel to select bottom time.
**Note the color of the number. Green means within NDL, black means deco required.
3. Now rotate the "O2" wheel to select the Oxygen.
**The color indicates: Red= 0-0.2, Orange=0.2- 1.0, Green=1.2-1.4, Red=1.61+

*Note the information at the bottom of the screen. This is live dive information that is planned as soon as a wheel is changed!