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Screenshots Galore

Dives Overview

The start screen, showing the altitude adjustments, algoritm settings and all dives in the current plan.

Dive Editor

The dive editor, showing the dive settings; RMV, MOR, ascent/descent rates, last stop depth, stop interval and surface interval.

Level Editor

Various shots of the level editor. Any changes will cause a immediate recalculation of the plan and the info at the bottom will display the overview of result. This makes it easy to see how changes to ie. O2 and He will affect the dive plan.

DecoGas? Editor

The decogas editor. The info at the bottom will constantly update according to the changes in settings, just as in the level editor.

Dive Editor with Profile

Once a level is added, the dive editor will show the profile.

Gas Consumption

At the bottom of the profile you'll find gas consumption based on the configured RMV and MOR.


Dives can be saved in the bookmarks folder.

CCR Bailout (not yet released)

The next release will finally have the CCR bailout feature ;

Bailouts are picked by touching a level or decostop, and in the case of a level, you can pick between normal bailout or wreck/cave bailout. This will be in one of the upcomint releases - no later than end of February. (Note: The screenshots are not of the same dive - the app will allow you to plan the bailout from any level, not just the first or last.)