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Baltic Feature List

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Feature Description
ICD Checks Isobaric counterdiffusion checks
Multiple Algorithm Support for multiple deco algorithms
Multi-level support Support for creating dives with multiple levels
ZHL-16B Buhlman ZHL-16B Support
Gradient Factors User customizable gradient factors
VPM/B VPM/B Support
VPM/B Conservatism User selectable VPM/B conservatism
iPhone and iPod Touch Support Runs on iPhone and iPod touch. Take your deco with you.
Dive Bookmarks Create bookmarks of your favorite dives.
Open Circuit Deco Open circuit deco planning support
Closed Circuit Deco Closed circuit deco planning support
CCR - OC Deco Closed circuit with open circuit deco support
Contrast Profiles Allows you to plan a dive, change a parameter and compare the profile lengths and stops
Contrast Algorithm Allows you to plan the dive with 1 algorithm, change to the other and see the time differences
Contrast Conservatism Allows you to plan the dive, change the conservatism and see the profile difference
Altitude Support Allows you to plan dives at altitude
Repetitive Profiles Allows you to plan multiple dives with surface intervals
Bookmarks Create bookmarks of your favorite dives or profiles. Recall them in the bookmarks list
Gas Consumption Shows gas consumption for CCR and Open Circuit
Custom RMV Allows you to input your own RMVs
CCR MOV Allows you to set your own Metabolic Oxygen Rate for CCR diving
Customizable Stop Depths Allows you to set your own last stop depth and the step interval between deco stops
Customizable Ascent and Descent Rates Allows you to put in your own ascent and descent rates