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Acknowledgements And Credits


The vpm/b implementation used in Baltic Deco is based on the Fortran implementation by Erik C. Baker. Which in turn is based on work by David E. Yount and Eric B. Maiken.

This program extends the 1986 VPM algorithm (Yount & Hoffman) to include
mixed gas, repetitive, and altitude diving.  Developments to the algorithm
were made by David E. Yount, Eric B. Maiken, and Erik C. Baker over a
period from 1999 to 2001.  This work is dedicated in remembrance of
Professor David E. Yount who passed away on April 27, 2000.

Many thanks to Erik C. Baker for making it publically availably.

iPhone UI Graphics

The icons used in the iPhone app are from the  Diagona icon set.

The tank icons are based on clipart from  Clker, modified with  Gimp.

Splashscreen background photo taken by Eskil Olsen

The app icon is one of the free dive flag icons by  Chris Whitten

Web Site

Web site logo is based of the dive flag by  Chris Whitten, modifed with  Gimp.

Background photo taken by Eskil Olsen.