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Secrets To Effective Muscle Building: Weight Gain Tips
First of all, if you want to GAIN weight, that puts you in the minority. Most people are trying to LOSE weight. If you were to bring the topic of how to GAIN weight up in a social situation, most people would just laugh and tell you to "eat more." The thing is, they would be partly right; but there's more to the problem than that.
Gaining weight is caused by only one thing: consuming more calories than are burned. But you see, there are TWO factors, not just one; consuming and burning calories are equally important when you want to gain weight and build muscle mass. (The two usually go hand in hand.)
Basically there are four major factors in gaining weight:
1. Consume more calories: The body cannot gain weight or build muscle if it doesn't have the "tools" it needs to do both. Your body needs nutrients and calories as the raw materials for weight gain and muscle mass increases. Eat three meals each day and drink three MRP (meal replacement powder) drinks.

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