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As per REEFs 24 - allow lost gas / deco gas on any gas

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Another one: mentioned in REEFs already but it would be fantastic to be able to run lost gas contingencies on any gas.

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  • resolution set to fixed is out now, and I've made some changes to the contingency planning. If you have a multilevel dive with different gases, eg.

  • 10min at 45msw with 25/25
  • 10min at 25msw with EAN32
  • O2 for deco

This will give you a plan ala ;

  • 45msw 18:30min 25/25
  • 25msw 30min EAN32
  • 9msw 1min EAN32
  • 6mws 12min O2

You can now tap the EAN32 as lost gas (anything but the first used gas can be lost now) and it will show you the plan with the same levels, but without EAN32 ;

  • 45msw 18:30min 25/25
  • 25msw 30min 25/25
  • 9msw 9min 25/25
  • 6mws 15min O2

Or you can tap the 45msw level, pick Bail and it will depart from 45msw, skip the EAN32 level and not use it unless you've added it as deco gas. The resulting plan is then ;

  • 45msw 18:30min 25/25
  • 15msw 1min 25/25
  • 12msw 3min 25/25
  • 9msw 3min 25/25
  • 6msw 8min O2

If you add EAN32 as a decogas from 25msw to the original plan ;

  • 10min at 45msw with 25/25
  • 10min at 25msw with EAN32
  • EAN32 from 25msw as deco
  • O2 from 6msw as deco

and bail from 45msw level, it will make the plan for bailing form 45msw, but still with EAN32 from 25msw ;

  • 45msw 18:30min 25/25
  • 25msw EAN32
  • 21msw 1min EAN32
  • 18msw 1min EAN32
  • 15msw 1min EAN32
  • 12msw 3min 25/25
  • 9msw 2min 25/25
  • 6msw 8min O2

This shold make a lot of contingency planning simpler. There's still some room for improvement for plans with a lot levels, eg. plans that mimick a slow descent/ascent following the contour of a place.

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