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Five Most Common Putting Mistakes by Jack Moorehouse

No one's shocked anymore when Tiger Woods drills a 20-foot putt to win a championship. He's among the best clutch putters amongst gamers. But did you know that when he practices putting Tiger spends added time focusing on short putts than long putts. That's right. One media sources estimates he spends about 65 percent of that time period he spends practicing putting taking care of short putts.

Most putts are from 5 to 15 feet. These short putts probably constitute about 25-30 percent of your respective total score. You don't need a golf lesson to figure out if you sink more of these short putts, you'd reduce your golf handicap by at the very least a number of strokes. Unfortunately, weekend golfers often commit a lot of mistakes when facing short putts. Here are some common mistakes golfers make when putting and a few drills on the way to pay them down.

Confidence could be the Key

Many golfers flinch after they putt. Or, they rush the putt much their stroke becomes choppy and uneven. You can turned into a great putter should your putting stroke is smooth and free flowing. Creating good rhythm with your putting stroke could be the best way of eliminating flinching and rushing. No matter what type of putting you use, in case you flinch or rush you'll likely miss great deal of putts. Unfortunately, many people concentrate read more about sinking putts than  focusing on having a smooth stroke.

Next time you're about the practice green, have smooth pendulum strokes along with your eyes closed. As you build your stroke, count out a straightforward cadence "one-two." "one-two." Once you are feeling a good flow, have a friend place a ball at his discretion inside path of your putter head. No knowing in the event the ball is on its way helps eliminate the flinching or rushing that can induce that you miss those short putts.

No Putting Ritual

Another common mistake in putting is a deficiency of putting ritual. If watch Tiger Woods, Fred Funk, or Sergio Garcia putt, you'll notice that they all have a putting ritual. Their rituals are typical different. One player walks throughout the putt before improving going to it. Another takes his practice strokes behind the ball. But the another thing it's not different is because utilize the same ritual if he or she come up with a putt, whatever the length or difficulty. Develop your individual putting ritual. Base it on sound putting techniques and why is you're feeling comfortable. And use it each and every time you've got a putt. You'll find that a ritual not merely relaxes you together with helps build confidence inside your putting.

Worry about Outcomes

Weekend players worry a lot of regarding the results of a brief putt. What if I miss the putt? This places a great deal of pressure about the golfer. Since pressure of outcomes is tied right to the outlet, try eliminating it once you practice to help  remedy pressure. Next time you're for the practice green, focus on drills that increase your putting accuracy without needing the hole. For example, place a scorecard over the outlet and attempt to roll the ball within the card, so your ball ends about two feet past the opening. These drills will boost your accuracy with no added pressure of sinking the putt.

Choking the Putter

A common mistake I see inside my golf instruction sessions on putting is players gripping their putters too tightly. Some players grip their putters so tight, their hands almost turn white. A soft and constant grip pressure is critical to maintaining an even, free-flowing stroke and creating better "feel" when putting. For players who think they may be choking the putter, try holding an uncooked egg relating to the right index finger (or left index finger, if your left-handed) and also the shaft of your putter. Now drop several balls and stroke some putts. If your grip is way too tight, you'll soon know.

Too Handsy

Another common mistake I see in golf instruction sessions on putting is players using excessive of their hands in their putting stroke. Being too handsy eliminates the actual feel of a smooth, free-swinging pendulum and cause jerky inconsistent putts. One remedy is with a belly putter. Simply anchor the putter to a comfortable point in your midsection and swing away. Add a "one-two" count for the stroke to improve rhythm. This approach cuts down on amount of movement in the smaller muscles inside your hand and keeps the blade on plane.

Eliminating these common mistakes out of your putting will not just build rhythm with your putting stroke, they'll also assist your confidence with your putting. That's big. Ask any professional golfer what the critical for great putting is anf the husband or she'll probably let you know it's confidence. Great putters are shocked when they miss a short putt. That's how confident these are. To increase your golf handicap, you need to develop items that build confidence and increase accuracy your short putting.

Copyright (c) 2007 Jack Moorehouse

Jack Moorehouse will be the author with the best-selling book ?How To Break 80 And Shoot Like The Pros.? He is NOT a golf pro, rather a working man which includes helped a huge number of golfers from all of seven continents lower their handicap immediately. He has a free weekly newsletter with all the latest golf tips, golf lessons and golf instruction.

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