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How to evaluate your health and progress in the positive direction

There are two things involved here: the idea as well as the action. In thought we very often consider that our life's not that which you wish it to be. Perhaps it is time to consider: we are able to help it become what we wish it to be.
George Bernard Shaw said, "People will always be blaming their
circumstances for what they may be. I don't have confidence in circumstances. The people who jump on in this world will be the people who get up and look for instances they want, if they cannot locate them, they create them."
A farmer has fertile land. The farmer comes along with two seeds. One is corn along with the other is nightshade.
It is written in the Bible: "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." The crop will probably be loaded in whichever you plant. The soil makes no distinction between your crop of corn or the crop of poison.
Consider your mind since the land: Do you plant corn or poison? The land will not likely care the crop of thought put into it, it's going to bring forth abundance from your seed planted.
What a responsibility we will need to our personal thoughts! The more we plant positive thought, the harder positive will manifest in your lives. The more we plant negative thought, greater negative will manifest.
We generally been taught to negativity throughout our lives. There is always the 'no' warning ringing in our ears. No you can't make it happen, it can be too difficult. No you aren't accomplished enough to ensure success. No looks like it's the foremost thought we can muster when our fertile mind would like to produce a crop.
Being tuned in to our thoughts is the starting point to evaluation. Know Thyself! as Socrates said. In the knowing you will discover countless bad and the good traits and conditions surrounding you as being a crop of the total being. That is where self evaluation comes in, as well as where self improvement takes a stand.
We have the tools of our very own consciousness to consider our mind crop along with make changes towards the seeds sown inside mind for nurture and blossom. We can use things such as visualization, meditation and affirmation to nurture the seeds we plant.
What the mind can see, it can produce is a result of on body and spirit. When we envision our lives in the positive manner with spirituality and prosperity, that may be the crop we are able to expect to reap. When life seems to be dishing up negativity in a rapid manner, we can affirm our own good from the visitations of life and reap a far more positive crop. Meditation helps us get the peace and calm within when life is likely to dish up the negativity of experience.
Make sure the seeds are positive, then nurture them the meals of right action. We water the crops with all the tears of our own experience and  fertilize (which can be waste in another way) the soil with all the many experiences our life offers.
Even our intent and attitude is usually a part of the seeds we sow. Do we think positive out of all events? Are we willing to nurture, water and fertilize in positive thoughts?

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