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How To Copyright Music, Copyright Songs And Copyright Lyrics

I've been  banging my head up against the wall lately trying to figure out how exactly to copyright my music, songs and lyrics. It's not easy task, several different information posted around. With the digitalization from the record companies and songs changes hands so quickly online, it's more essential than previously to copyright music, copyright songs and copyright lyrics.

Ok, so I  decided I want to copyright my music but where do I begin!? Well I've got some terrific news for songwriters on the market, a few days ago costly through every one of the possible options I came across Smashcopyright a site which makes copyrighting music, songs and lyrics increasingly easy.

What they offer is a digital time stamping service which gives you 3rd party authentication that you had ownership of the song on that particular date. It's a great service, very intense and easy to work with. The best part of Smashcopyright is that they offer unlimited music, song and lyrics submissions! That's perfect for someone at all like me having a bit list of songs. I paid the $75 yearly fee and I can upload my entire repertoire and become protected forever! If you don't have an enormous number of songs, they also provide a monthly membership which enables you to submit approximately 6 songs for copyright.

The upload procedure itself is great and painless. All your info is already on file when you join and that means you just upload your song straight from your pc, wait a matter of seconds correctly to load and that is it! You get email authentication instantly! This service has been a breath of oxygen personally and I'm positive that you are looking to copyright music, copyright songs or copyright lyrics you'll love it up to I do.

It really takes away the headache of music copyrights.

Oh, I should also mention that Smashcopyright is made with the same team that make Smashsongs, a song licensing community with 6,700 members. I'm actually a an affiliate Smashsongs too and still have actually been sufficiently fortunate to get have 2 songs licensed through them thus far. So you know them are credible.

Check them out today if you are in need of some music protection.

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