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When promoting your company try not to use generic gifts like pens and cups as most of them just lie in the shelf for days

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When promoting your company try not to use generic gifts like pens and cups as most of them just lie in the shelf for days.
They go unused for months till it's of no use at all. Unlike these gifts, clothing is a valued item which is used no matter what the colour and style. Women's work shirts and button down shirts for men are handy and used by almost everyone. You will find a range of designs and all kinds of sizes.

All you need to do is customise it with your company logo which will do the advertising for you! The best way to spread company image is by gifting apparel with your company logo on it. Custom logo shirts and jackets are appreciated and come in handy at the office.
Loyal employees are a good target group for such products as this reinforces their confidence and motivates them to carry out exceptional work.

Events and shows
There are many events where you will require to hand out give aways and gift loyal customers, brand ambassadors or top employees. Custom embroidered polo shirts are great gifts for high end clients. When you are at trade shows or road events promoting your brand it is always good that potential clients should take home something to remind them of your product.

Women's work shirts are a good idea to hand out at social events like dinners and other shows. If you are holding a donation drive or awareness camps for the public, ensure your volunteers are given custom logo shirts to wear. It is a good way to advertise your brand while doing community work.

Embroidery for clothing
A lot of online stores offer you the best of embroidery at reasonable rates. They are also a unique way to make people feel included in the event. Many corporate use these to get their employees to feel included in discussion groups and social drives. It is also a good way to display your company logo.

This automatically gives you noticeable publicity. Custom embroidered polo shirts are easily made to suit your event or purpose. You can upload your design as per the original clip art you have chosen. These are unique ways to put your business in the fore front.
Online clothing
Online you will find a variety of stores that offer custom logo shirts for very reasonable prices. All you need to do is choose your design or type of shirt, jacket or fleece and then the colour you would like it in, upload your logo and place the final order. Then all you need to do is wait till it arrives at your doorstep!

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