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The Low Down on Au Pair Exposed

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_ll t_ _ discovered placing _ hidden camera my house in London and tn _ent _nd corroborating _ith _thers in Spain. _h_ _ _lways cheerful and _appy _ut _hen _ne wa_ l_ft s another person. could f_nd _ut _h_ suffers violently psychotic disorders, _lready estubo suicidal _nd _s fnd drugged and still consuming drugs sporadic different _ay.

not have _ criminal record in Spain _ecause t_ey _ould ner prove _nything, _ut we here in London _ent t_ denounce and Inmaculada Rivero threatened t_ ll s family f_om Spain _nd _ome _fter u_.  _iss Lopez Inmaculada Rivero _ad t_ dispense _ith _i_ services f_r signs _f abuse _ur baby.

W_ _r_ _ humble family and nee_ t services Nanny for 6 m_nths f_r m_ baby _nd _ _ust estubo us t months because m_ husband _tarted t_ investigate th_ signals _ad m_ baby _n different parts _f y_ur body. _e _ould d_ nothing t_ report _ut n warn _ther people t_ _no_ th_t immaculate maria rivero dangerous and m_st ordered h_s psychiatric examination _efore hiring.

have learned f_om _thers tt _s no_ _orking with _nother family _ith her n _t Putney Bridge _n London _ut not tt _ay alert to ensure tt t_eir children _re not endangered. _ hope to share thi_ to _elp other families o not hire people _ith psychological _roblems tt have left t_eir countries f_r t_eir psychological _roblems _nd mental illness.

Abuse _f _ur trust and our food s taking refrigerator, recorded t_roughout t house l_oking f_r money _r documentation to f_nd bank accounts and credit card num_ers t_at used t_ sell t_ Brazil and countries _f ts people.

_r_ afraid that immaculate rivero make us _omething bad to m_ family _r m_.

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