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In addition to cardio, you might try calisthenics or Pilates (100's, criss cross....) and drink lots of water as it flushes away toxins. Also, you must eliminate or cut right down on the refined processed carbohydrates and fatty foods. Contrary to popular belief, sit-ups do not work well. Try hollow holds, v-ups, lemon squeezers, even leg lifts (on a bar, not on the ground). One of the most effective things for stomach fat is cardio exercise and weight training or pilates. Cardio exercise drops the pounds, weight training or pilates tones and tightens your muscles and core.
Changing your diet or eating habits, as mentioned earlier, in addition to regular cardio exercise is essential. Refined processed carbohydrates are one of the main causes of insulin resistance and body fat accumulating around the waist, stomach or whole abdomen.

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