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Somewhere in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, among all the talk of quantum physics, relativity, gravity, black holes, and also the space-time continuum, is really a movie about family and love and perseverance. Whether you can find it makes a difference in whether you walk out of in the theater rolling your vision or if you emerge convinced you only witnessed one from the more epic and groundbreaking films of the year.

By the time the film (your fourth inside series) hits theaters, may have been 22 years since audiences first saw the director Steven Spielberg brought dinosaurs your for the big screen and now director Colin Trevorrow leads an excellent cast headed through the Guardians of the galaxy Star Chris Pratt to try to tell a tale that recaptures the iconic feel of Jurassic Park, but he manages to provide us with something new and different, too.

It is said there are no longer originally stories left in Hollywood. While "Interstellar" isn't 100% original, there were other "the world is doomed" movies, but nobody who sees this  picture can claim they've seen this kind of movie before. This is what sets Nolan in addition to other filmmakers in this he or she is a true storyteller. He fully understands the concepts of story structure. He knows the significance of developing three-dimensional characters and giving them an arc. He is very adept at building suspense and tension in the given scene. He can overindulge in some places, though the man is a true master at his craft and this movie will rank as one of his crowning achievements.

Time, human nature, love and fate all grow out of this plot because crew jumps over the galaxy. While Interstellar may suffer like big action science fiction fare, Nolan laces in leading themes that challenge the viewer comparable to he did with the Batman films. The space travel is grand and exciting, pushing the ideas of mankind's unquenchable spirit to discover. It's interpersonal conflicts are constantly jarring and touching, and delve deeper than you frequently expect these to go, twisting the characters in fantastic ways. This is, of course, only strengthened by strong performances from Hathaway, Chastain and McConaughy?. Nolan's attachment to non-digital effects increases the movie a remarkably grounded feel for a motion picture about space travel and the ones 70mm space shots include the thing of film legends. There is greatness within this film that can't be matched by everything else in 2010. If you leave this review with one thought let it be that.

I'm obviously not qualified to utter a "yeah, but" to renowned theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, who not only consulted on the movie but served as executive producer, so I'll allow the doctoral candidates on the planet debate the properties of black holes and event horizons. There were, however, several non-Thorne moments in the film which were more than a little distracting, including an out-of-nowhere cameo (or two) that shook me straight out of Interstellar mode and into "Hey, isn't that...?" mode. And Hans Zimmer's often-jarring score sounds similar to Philip Glass than anything Philip Glass has ever composed. That's not a compliment.

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