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A fallacy is synonymous to myth which refers to erroneous belief or unproven information and yet being practiced by some in their daily activities. One field with different myths or fallacies is muscle building. I will tell you the four popular fallacies in muscle building and you will be surprise that you are following some of these fallacies.
Fallacy 1: Rule of 12 - This is popular to weightlifters or undergoing weight training programs. Trainers instruct students to do repetitions of 12 or eight in every set. Trainers believe that it is an effective and efficient way to build the muscles.
Truth: Modern trainers believe that doing repetitions of 12 or 8 is not a magic number that will improve your muscles. What is important in weight training program is varied repetition, which depends on the progress of the training. Repetitions could be five, ten or fifteen that is apt for the student's weight and the type of exercise being carried out.

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