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Three methods To Honor America's troopers

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Brian was the person that you could always count on, no matter what the circumstance. I flew to Chicago to have major surgery; he was at the San Diego Airport at 2:00 am, on a work night, to pick me up. When my husband was out of town, I would come home to find the trash cans on the curb, and he was outside edging my lawn to perfection. When the neighborhood would go to the bars on base to carouse as a group, he never joined us, he didn't drink. He was home studying and reading books on military history.

In a perfect world, every bride would be able to take her mother or other loved ones to shop for her bridal gown and wedding jewelry. The reality is, however, that many brides do not live near their moms, making this an impossible dream. Technology to the rescue! Some bridal shops actually have webcams in place so when you find that perfect gown and amazing bridal jewelry, you can show your mother, and share that special moment with her. A bonus is that mom gets to see what she is spending thousands of dollars on!

Memorial Day Service - The service will include placing wreaths on war veterans graves, guest speakers and more starting at 10AM at Deltona Memorial Gardens, 1295 Saxon Blvd., Deltona. For more information call 386-775-4260.

It is frequently written that Grant employs an impulsive habit of ocky self-deprecation in public relations. Grant has also been presented in the press as occasionally being "very disengaged" at social events, with British newspapers regularly referring to him as bad-tempered, arrogant, rude, and grumpy. According to his colleagues and public appearances, Grant is not worried about how his grumpiness is publicly perceived, with his moodiness unabashedly on display in televised and published interviews.

Grant's famous RP accent is an inheritance from his mother and, on Inside the Actors Studio in 2002, he credited her with "any acting genes that [he] might have." Both his parents were children of military families, and, despite his parents' posh upbringings and backgrounds, Grant has stated that his family was not always affluent while he was growing up. Grant's childhood passions included shooting and hunting, especially with his grandfather in Scotland. Grant's elder brother, James "Jamie" Grant, is a successful banker as Managing Director, Head of Healthcare, Consumer, & Retail Investment Banking Coverage, at JPMorgan Chase in New York.

Early reports said that over 50 people have since died in the tornado that tore apart Moore, but the number has since lowered. However, the number of children, and the terrible story of the school getting shredded in a storm just four days before summer break began will leave a lasting impression on those who endured the tragedy.

Shopping at box stores can lead to minor hoarding, so if you discover you've got more supplies of toothbrushes, deodorant,  shampoo etc. than you could ever use up within a month, consider passing them on to organizations (perhaps your church) that put together  care package ideas for husband in iraq or the homeless.

Memorial Day Service - Guest speaker is Col. Arthur Keating, U.S. Army. This service will also include a flyover, a 21-gun salute and more starting at 9AM at Rockefeller Gardens, 25 Riverside Drive, Ormond Beach. For more information call 386-676-3241.

If you call 1-800-610-8734 and press number 1 , they will ship you a  military monday package with tape, envelopes and boxes. It is free and you only have to buy the postage. You can also try option #4 for care-kits.

Thousands of Americans across the country gathered today to honor our veterans, first responders, and civilians in the Travis Manion Foundation 9-11 Heroes Run. This 5k race raised funds to support those who strive each day to keep us safe. At Ellington Field in Houston, Mayor Parker joined an enthusiastic race day crowd filled with military and police personnel, support groups, families, etc.

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