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#59 Lost gas profile not shown on "tilt phone 90º CCW" Profile Display defect 11/28/12

Set up a dive plan, add a deco gas. Tilt CCW to get the plan. All good. Tilt back to portrait. Activate "lost gas" Tilt CCW to get the plan: plan still shows deco gas.

#25 User adjustable deco stop times - down to 30s intervalls VPM/B Version 1.0 enhancement 04/21/10

A good enhancement would be to make the deco stop time intervalls user adjustable. I use Deco Planner on PC and I find it quite advantageous to see the stop time in 30s intervalls to get a better indication which stops I should put emphasis on.

#30 Showing bar/psi for calculation Unknown/Unsure enhancement 08/16/10


it would be great if it is possible to not only the amount of liters used from the different gasses but also the bars. Ofcourse you have to fill in the bottle size (D12 D20 cuf80 alu7 etc!!!

Would be easy planning!!!!

Thanks And greatings, barend de lange

#60 Trying to edit deco gases can bring up wrong gas DecoGas Editor defect 12/17/12

When deco gases are added in an order other that the order they will sort into - ie add 100% first then add 50% - the gasses will sort from lowest o2 to highest as expected but clicking on them to edit them they are still in the order that they where added. So in this example clicking on the 100% to edit it brings up the 50% gas.

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