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0.9.1 Posted to AppStore

0.9.1 Posted to AppStore Feb 11th

So the 0.9 took me a bit by surprise ; It was submitted to the AppStore on Feb 4th and was available already on the 9th. From word of mouth and prior experience with the AppStore, we thought it would be a few weeks before it would go on sale, but luckily it wasn't.

As people are reporting issues, we'll work as quickly as possible to address while still going on with the 1.0 work, and speaking of, we'll eventually move the info and tickets regarding what features (such as ccr bailout) will be in 1.0 onto this site.

But for now, 0.9.1 has been posted, and it fixes some spelling (ie. decogas vs. deco gas), hard to read colours in the pickets and runtime at segment completion vs. segment start.

As always, if you encounter anything weird, bugs, problems, issues or suspicous profiles, report them either by email or post them here. And also feel free to file a ticket.

Thanks, and dive safe.


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