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Rt on Screen shots

Looking at the Screenshots... I assume RT:XX is runtime. The numbers don't seem to add up. Am I missing something? The stop is 2 minutes, the RT: 34, Next stop 3 minutes, the RT:36, Next is 4 minutes, the RT:40, then 21 minutes RT:44 Surface RT: 66

Top shows total RT: 1:46 Bottom @ 160 23:14 Deco :66 That's an hour and 29 minutes....

Typicallythe listed RT should be the total time at the end of the stop.....

What am I missing here....


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    Currently it shows the runtime at the start of the segment, not the end, so the 1:46 indicates that you should reach the bottom in 1:46 minutes. The testers went both ways on this, some liking it and some preferring the normal way of showing the runtime at the end of segment... except of course the Surface cell, which shows the total runtime. I agree, that's confusing.

    Originally it showed the runtime at the end of the segment, but there was a request for <1 minute info for the level for people doing deep dives, which led to this change. Likewise, some people want it to show the runtime with seconds all the time, since that way there's no weird numbers when rounding the display times - the underlying math does not round.

    I think with your question, the discussion is tilting back towards the more classic way of showing the end of the segment, and optionally show extra cells in the table for ascent/descents. I'd expect it to be changed prior to 1.0.

    Thanks, eskil

    edit: I've changed the app back to showing descend actions and runtime after the segment instead of before. I've updated the screen shots, and will post a new app to the AppStore in a few days, still waiting for some more input.


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