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I just bought the Baltic Deco Planner for my iPhone, and I like it. Easy to use and complete.

There is one thing though I do not understand.

First I tried the next profile: -descend to 55 meters, 9 minutes, air (descend rate 7m/s) -stop at 27 meter, 2 minutes, air (ascent rate 10 m/s) I add a deco gas of 50% Oxigen, to be used at 20 meters The app calculates the stops (actually there is only one stop at 3 meters) Nice! And on the graph I see the gas switch at 20 meters. So far so good.

Next I added a stop at 15 meters, 2 minutes, EAN 50% (my deco gas) Suddenly my gas switch at 20 meters disappear!

Is this a bug?


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    Hi Bruno,

    Glad to hear you like it!

    No, it's not a bug, it's an intentional decision to delay switching to deco-gases till the end of all levels.

    The reason is to accomodate cave divers, where the cave profile might take them to shallows before they're actually on the way out/up. By not switching until the last level is complete, they don't get a profile that constantly flips to/from deco/back-gas as the cave goes up and down.

    So to keep your gas switch at 20m, you have to manually re-add it. It's a downside to accomodate both types of divers. It's something that might be an option some day.

    Cheers, Eskil ---


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