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Baltic blending requests


Thanks for a couple of great apps I will be using them on a deep rebreather trip soon.

In the gas blending app would it be possible to have He air calculator. This is a very common way of mixing trimix for rebreathers. The most common mixture is called 10/50 which is aproximatly half He half air.

A nice feature could be to enter the O2 and then be given the He and N %. This means you can work out you exact gas mixture without the need for an expensive He analyser.

For example if the O2 is 10% then He will be 52% and N 38%. (in heli air)

This is possible because you are not adding any O2 so the ratios are constant.

Ps I just use a dive timmer on my dives so will be actually following Your deco software.



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    Hi Andy,

    Glad you like them, thanks!

    If I understand you right, you'd like to enter a desired trimix (eg. 10/50), and target pressure (eg. 3600psi). It would then tell you that you should start the fill at 1450psi and that the target gas would contain 10/52?

    So the real result is the starting mixture's (the air) pressure given your target O2% and pressure?

    That would be doable. Something for the v1.2.

    Cheers, Eskil ---

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