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Request for enhanced contingencies

Hi Eskil

I'll start with the call - Brilliant work. Baltic is the slickest, easiest and most diving idiot friendly planner I've seen on any platform and I love you more than just a little bit for making all our lives this much easier.

There's always a but... :o) Apologies too for the wall of text.

There are only three things I'd like to see added. The first (mix calcs) has already been mentioned so I'll leave that alone.

The next is a request for some enhanced functionality around the deco gas switches and contingency plans.

Picture the scenario:

I have air back gas but only twin 10l tanks (5000l), so I'm carrying an 11.4 (2700l or so) stage of 32% EANx. I'm running a multilevel dive with steps at 41, 37, 33 and 27m. Because I've got so much spare gas in the stage I want to switch to it at 33m (first MOD1.4) and continue on my levels above that with the stage rather than staying on back gas until I leave the 27m level.

Everything works fine except for the deco gas which only kicks in for the final ascent, rather than at the start of the 33m level I'd like - even though I've said use it from 33m. Yes, I can select an EANx32 for the 33 and shallower levels, but then I lose the single click ability to do the lost gas contingency calcs.

It would be REALLY nice to be able to hit that button in the gas use section at the bottom of the profile and lose a gas regardless of whether it was a pure "deco" gas or just another mix switched in at a stage. At the moment this lost gas contingency only works for the automatically selected deco gas which sadly only automatically selects on the final ascent.

This leads to the last feature I'd love to see: when exporting a plan I'm considering to email my buddy, it would be _tremendously, stupendously_ awesome if I didn't have to go through multiple iterations of emails, plans, cut/paste etc to get my contingency plans to them too. What I'd LOVE to see on an email export is the current email PLUS the "pasteboard" copy of the run sheet for the basic plan and for selectable (checkbox?) contingencies - for me it would be a run for longer+deeper and a run for lost gas on each of the gases.

Yes, we all love free updates. But I would pay another $16.99 for a version 2.0 with these features. Surely I'm not the only one...

Keep up the awesome work, know that what you've achieved already is enormously appreciated and I hope to see more good stuff down the track!

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    Sorry for the late reply, was out and about for most of december. Glad to hear you like the app.

    Reg. your wish list ;

    • Mix calc, is coming.
    • Lost gas for a level's gas is doable, I'll try and work on adding that. Hopefully it'll make sense for most multi-level-gas plans.
    • Yes, the email feature was first mostly just a debugging tool to help testers send me their plans if there was anything weird. It does need to support including the bailout and lost gas plans.



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