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Wreck / Cave Bail Out - Doubling the bottom time?

I might be wrong but I suspect a bug.... When bailing out in a wreck assuming 1 level for bottom phase, it seems to take the bottom time and double it to compensate for the exit from the enclosed space assuming OC gas switch at the half way mark. In reality, if in a cave, at 100% of the bottom time planned, I would already be out of the cave, Iif I was at 50% of planned bottom I would be at the furthest point hence would need 100% of bottom time not 200% and the OC gas switch would be at 50% of time planned.

Can you please confirm your logic for wreck bail out as I can't seem to get less than a twin-set of bottom gas for any dive past 40M with this bail out option.

Cheers, Peter

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    Hi Peter,

    The way the wreck/cave bailout is done, is that it takes the level you tapped with bottom time T, and splits T so that T/2 is on CCR (slightly less due to descent times and to be more conservative) and T/2 is on OC.

    So that sounds like what you're looking for, but not what you're seeing ?

    If you make a plan for eg. 60msw, 20min using 21/35 at 1.2ppo2, add some appropriate bailout gases, eg. 21/35 as your first. Now if you tap the 60msw level (which should be around 18min with descent time) and pick cave/wreck bailout, it should split the time into two levels, 8min on CCR and 10min on 21/35.

    If that's not what you see, then there's a bug. If, then you can email me (eskil at eskil dot org) the dive plan and I'll try and reproduce the problem.

    Cheers, Eskil


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