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This is a great app!! I started using Baltic in July planning dives on the Kamloops, since then 3 other dive buddies have all switched from deco planner to baltic.

One question though, When planning repetitive dives using ZHL 16 B we are unable to tweak the GF for individual dives? Are we missing something. Example: we are planning 4 dives, all dives are at 5000 ft, Dive 1: 240 for 15 using 20/85, Dive 2: 180 fsw for 20 using 20/85. Day 2 dive 3, 18:00 surface interval 280fsw for 15 using 15/85 dive 4 180 for 15 using 15/85. When tweaking between GF all dives in the series default to same GF.

does Baltic allow tweaking GF individually while planning repetitive dives? If not is this a possible upgrade for future versions?

thanks again for a great app,


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    Hi Grendie,

    Thanks for the compliments! And sorry for the late reply.

    It could, and I might consider it. The main reason it does not that changing conservatism between dives doesn't sit well with VPM/B and I wanted to keep the UI simple and identical for both algorithms.

    I can see that for multiday diving like yours, per dive GF would be nice.

    But I'll put it on the (evergrowing) list of feature requests. It would probably be something ala moving the algorithm to the per-dive settings screen (along with ascent/descent rates and such), and then locking the algorithm for all dives, and for VPM/B also locking the conservatism but leaving it enabled for ZHL16B dives.


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      On a similar topic but of the same vein, I would very much like to be able on CCR to chose a more aggressive gradient factor on OC bail-out than what I am using for CCR dive to compensate for lost gas, low gas or wreck exit logistics.

      Cheers, Peter Lowe

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        Hi Peter,

        Yes, that's a often asked-for and useful feature. Definitely something I'll add some day, Real Soon Now<tm>.

        cheers, Eskil ---

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          This is the way that Shearwater have implemented it, you may get some insight or may want to match them for planning:

          "The conservatism settings (GF Low and GF High) can now be edited in the Dive Setup menu. While diving, the GF High value can now be edited. This allows changing the surfacing conservatism during a dive. For example, if you worked much harder on the bottom segment than expected, you may wish to add conservatism by reducing the GF High setting."

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            I'll likely add an config option to allow GFs higher than 100.


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