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Some Requests :)

Dear Eskil!

You made a great app (best for iPhone ;)), thanks a lot!!!

Some requests/recommendations: - As Neil also wrote, it would be great, if for the last 6 meters (or 3 m), we could set a slower ascent rate (1 m/min). - Bookmarks: the deleting function is a little bit hidden, Edit button would be useful. - Deco Gases: also deleting the deco gases are bit difficult - maybe a short guide/FAQ integrated in the app would be useful.

Do You have a short description (maybe with pics) of the app, which I can translate and put on our website? We would certanly inform the Hungarian tec divers of this great app! :D

Best wishes from Budapest: Zoltan

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    I forgot: You can send me the description to info at-sign konnyubuvar dot hu :D Thnx

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    Hi Zoltan,

    Thanks for the compliments!

    I'll certainly consider adding more Edit buttons to make the deletion functions more obvious. The swipe motion is common in all iPhone apps that use the table view, but you're also right that most have a Edit button just like I do on the main screen.

    I'm not sure what you are looking for with the ascent rate ? If you disable "Ascent Rates in Deco" in the Settings screen, I intentionally don't account for the ascent rate from the last stop, this way the computed deco time is the minimum time needed and once done, if some reason you need an immediate exit, it would be within the algorithms parameters. Any slow ascent that you would do is just added safety.

    But, the underlying library supports arbitrary rates starting from arbitrary depths, both ascend and descend. So it's completely doable - as always, it just a question of keeping the app and UI fairly straightforward. Configuring multiple ascent/descent rates on the iPhone might just be annoying.

    An integrated guide/help/faq would be nice and something I've considered, especially for the less obvious features (like turning the phone sideways for graphs). As the app gets more complex, it would definitely benefit from more FAQs/tours.

    As for pic and descriptions, I would recommend the ones from the iTunes store, thanks a lot for spreading the word!


    (also emailing this plus more pics/description info)


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