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great app.... but…

Any chance you can have the depths in 1m intervals?? really really annoying to have it in 3m's... also, any chance of being able to set your time from last stop to surface? or to be able to visually compare only the deco plans of the 16b against the RGBM on the graph view?? i like doing this just so that i can see which one is the most conservative, and where both think i should stop....

Also, how do i delete the 200fsw dive?? i cannot get rid of it for love nor money.....

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    Depths in 1msw, yes. A 0.9.6 release was submitted to the AppStore about a week ago, which includes 1msw and 5fsw intervals. Likewise, you can set a 0 minute bottom time to force gas changes.

    Not sure what you mean by "set time from last stop to surface" ? Could you elaborate ?

    As for comparing zhl16b and vpmb visually (note, it's not rgbm!), yes, it's something I've thought about putting into the graphic profile, but there's no definitive plans for it yet.

    To delete the 200fsw bookmark, just swipe your finger from left to right over it (like in other apps). A delete button should appear.


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      Excellent, so when the update is uploaded by the APPstore, my version should upgrade, right???

      and to explain:

      I have my last stop at 6m however some of my buddies have a stop at 3m.. so using GAP i normally fudge it so that it takes me 6minutes to get from 6m to the surface..

      and cool, will try... for some reason it was not deleting when i did that!!!!

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        Yes, once approved for sale, the AppStore icon on your phone will show there's updates, and you can upgrade via the AppStore app.

        Do you mean add 6 minutes to the runtime to account for a final slow ascent, on top of the existing deco ? If so, no, right now there's no way of doing that really. But if enough people ask for it...

        If it's something else, then I'm still not entirely clear on what you mean.


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