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How To Pack Your Belongings In A Car For Your Cross Country Move?

When you are packing your goods, one idea clicked on your mind, that’s why not to pack some of your belongings in your own car, that way you don't have to go for big moving truck and it's a logical to pack some things on your car rather than driving it empty to the destination.

When packing your car you just have to know- how to prevent your good from damage, how to maximise the space while packing your car, with these entire how to make the car trip safe, comfortable for all the passengers. If you want to pack your car with efficiency and safety read the below Packers and Movers in Bangalore guide.

Top Packers And Movers Bangalore 1. What to take in your car? When you are going through your things and deciding what you would like to see in your new home and how to get rid of things you don't need anymore or only will take space in your new home, just after this step decide or write down things you would like to shift from a car.

This step is really very necessary to avoid packing hazardous goods in your car. For knowing the items which are advisable not to be shifted from a car read Packers and Movers guide on hazardous goods.

2. Do a thorough cleaning of your car: Wanna gear up the space inside your car? Then take out the unnecessary items in it before doing cross country move. So go thorough your things do a thorough cleaning decides on the spot weather to leave the thing on the car or not. Pay special attention to the truck because most of the packed items will go there, also before you load your car using vacuum cleaner clean the seats, spaces and mates so to have pleasant and comfortable trip.

3. Get an overhead carrier: If your car is small and won't be able to take the load of all your goods you would like to shift, and then go for overhead carrier so to add extra space.

High quality overhead carrier may be expensive but that’s the one time investment, once you buy it, it will serve you longer. Estimate the cost and compare it with the cost of hiring large moving truck to adjust the remaining goods with the carrier cost.

Do a little research and go for hard case model that is lovable so to keep your fragile and delicates item safe. Movers and Packers in Bangalore have specialized team for packing your valuables safely and in quality packing.

4. How to pack things in your car? You are all ready to go if you have cleaned your car, added the extra space and decided what to take now only you have to learn is how to pack the things in your car.

Cardboard boxes are widely used to pack up your things as they are versatile, affordable, sturdy and easily available this is best to pack in for goods that will be transported from the moving truck, but when it comes to moving it from your own vehicle, say no to cardboard as this option is good for large spaces not for a trunk.

Paper boxes of dimension 15×12×10 are best suitable when packing your car. Wanna know name of 5 things that is best if moved by Movers then read Packers and Movers Bangalore guide.

5. Plastic bags is also a good option for: We just learned that cardboard boxes are not good for packing up your car, now you will be curious if not cardboard boxes then what? The answer is plastic bags, ya plastic bags they are flexible, will adjust in your car according to the space. If plastic bags are filled with soft items then you can easily mold them according the required space, also will act as cushions protecting other things.

Go for shopping bags made up of durable plastic. Go for strong and clean garage bags because they won't tear up easily just like thinnest one. For your voluminous items go for vacuum bags.

6. How to pack extra breakable items: When you pack your fragile items in cardboard boxes what you do you wrap them in bubble wrap, blanket or in stretch sheet, but that wont go when we packing in a car. You are already taking blanket cloths, towel, cushions in your car, use those items in packing up your breakables items “these way you can kill two birds with one stone". Movers and Packers Bangalore have safe and secure storage and warehousing facility.

7. How to increase storage space: Your car has more storage space then it appears to have, you just have to search in right direction like:

The space around and inside the spare tire in the trunk. The foot well by the passenger seat, only passenger seat never place anything on driver seat foot well. Storage space available under the front seat. 8. Some safety rules: Never, place anything under driver foot well. Don't place anything at the back window of the car which block the view of driver. The load should be equally balance, from right to left, because this will make your trip safer and fuel efficient. Local Packers and Movers Bangalore also provide service of hiring moving vehicle of various size.

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