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0.9.5 posted to AppStore


This release has a lot of new things/tweaks in it, so it's also overdue by almost 1 month from the milestone date. But I wanted to give it enough soak time.

The main things in this release is the pretty Tissue Pressure Graph, tweaks such as He/O2 in END calc, betterprofiles by allowing disable Ascent Rates in Deco for rolling deco and short stops to align minutes, performance (again), and better lost-gas and bailout planning.



  • Tissue pressure graph.
  • Speedups.
  • Compute Time To Fly/Clear? with configurable pressure/altitude for Time To Fly.
  • END can be set to include O2/He.
  • Plan multiple lost gases. Display lost gases in lost gas screen.
  • Infinite combos of bailout/lost gases in lost gas screen.
  • Do rolling deco by disabling ascent rate between stops.
  • Align minutes by insert a <1 minute stop early.
  • Warn when ambient pressure exceeds diluent ppO2


  • Oddball dives that would show errors (vpm/b) now computed.
  • Toolbar offset on main screen.
  • Light attenuation in profile graph was off for imperial.
  • Rearrange labels on main screen.
  • Leak fixes that would slow down the app over time.
  • Bug where a set switch depth for a deco gas wouldn't always be used (vpm/b).
  • Bug in horizontal table view where depth would be shown in level time occasionally.
  • Bug in bailout/lost gas display where horizontal table would show the original plan.
  • Bug in gas consumption calc, that would lead to almost 2x gas consumption being shown.

Posted, in review and hopefully available soon.


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