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0.9.4 posted to AppStore


Another hit and run release. About to leave for Truk Lagoon, but I've been sitting on this for a while now.

Main new changes are ;

  • Profile and inert gas partial pressure graphs. When in the profile view, turn the phone right to see the graphs. For gimmick value I used the old desktop versions code to simulate the atmospheric light attenuation in the profile graph, so depending on the water type you select (in the new settings screen), it'll give a semi decent impression of how dark it'll be.
  • Slim profile view, turn the phone right in a graph to get a slim and condensed plan view.
  • Configurable gas switch times (not pr. dive). Add up to 5 min for OC, CCR Setpoint or diluent switches.
  • Ability to reorder dives with SIs kept in the existing order. Lets you quickly replan the order if doing multiple dives.

And some bugfixes;

  • particularly some problems in the zhl16 implementation that would make it refuse to calc some perfectly valid plans (sorry, but there's been more effort and time put into testing the vpm/b code).
  • Also one bug in the vpm/b code that. This was only noticable on deep dives (600fsw/200msw) with big steps between deco stops (ie. 30fsw/10msw).
  • Other small UI issues.

It's been posted, I hope it gets approved before I get back. I hope there's no issues, and if there are, I'll be back in about 2 weeks from now. See you on the San Francisco Maru.

See screenshot page for  shots of the new graphs.

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    0.9.4 is available in the AppStore.

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    0.9.4 got rejected while I was in Truk because of a Apple UI guidelines violation. And while in Truk, we also came across a minor bug in the new slim profile view (where it didn't always update to display changes to the plan).

    So both of these issues are fixed and resubmitted. I'm going on another weeklong trip now, so let's hope it makes it through this time.

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