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which is comming for this game

Cause it has to be much superior equipment since the base is 274 I think on a dualbowgun that's lvl 200 and my lvl 160 dbg has 192att base which is an 82att diffrence so I truly hope you guys will make flames available in game because it exist in programming I know that starforce visible is secured to 15* but it can be switched around in like a few clicks to 25* that isnt too tough. Now 15* equipment is sufficient to hit cap since cap is only 50mill damage so the flames and starforce wont be required untill damage cap would be eliminated but when it gets implemented before into the game than somewhere in the future people can keep updating to become strong enough for the new content which is comming for this game. In kms they have around 1000 wash attack more at endgame and roughly 65k stat in kms thats quite somewhat more than at which we get limmited in gms the person with most stat has about 45k not more for sure if you takes in consideration that the sole potential he doesnt has three lined certainly are a couple of bpots and he would hit about 400-500m with damage cap removal and people in kms are hitting perfect kms gear same abilities but just the additional stars if you look at pure stat the same that they hit about double than he could perform.

So my point is we wont be enable to take down tough lotus with harm cap removal and lucid for certain tough damien has less hp than hard lotus however you still will need to reach about 400-500m a lineup so that would signify an party of only people with perfect gear witha bout 45k stat to make it possible and 15* tyrants that isnt doable for most people since hqee is almost impossible to receive your hands on and there do exist an good equipset called absolabs lbl 160 that isnt worth getting in gms format because tyrants are a lot better in almost any time over absolabs since acquiring absolabs is a great deal of work and provide less stats compared to tyrants only poor thing would be is 25* starforce would be executed is if people would transpose tyrants into sweetwaters and also make those 22* as opposed to buy an aquarius crown prime it transpose it and also make it 22* aswell so they'd find an 220att cape and gloves and boots are 205att and around 300stat every thats the one thing which could occur but downside for those people would be if they wanna stop with the character they were playing they dont have the possibilty to market there gears which would be good to you guys since they would want to cube new gears than for a new personality and they'd need to purchase nx to attain superior stats.

So might be smart to get flames and add starforce into 25* since present format wouldn't work for harm cap elimination because ems old format would give you around 10-15k stat more that is better than gms format however would indicate all ideal flames so 60stat 6 percent all + flamed results which is a pain for.

Eh, as somebody who's spent considerable amounts of time with these two classes (Mained Aran prior to Reboot since their release, and since have mained Dawn Warrior on Reboot), Aran makes use of more than just swing when training. While bossing you will probably just spam swing+beyonder or final blow + beyonder but when you're training you've leeway to use Aran's wide variety of skills that retain great utility well into greater degrees. Maybe the inputs look too easy to me after using Aran for quite a very long time, but I do not feel they are that complex. Regardless, as soon as you've discovered them, coaching becomes fairly varied, at your own will.  https://www.mmotank.com/Maplestory-2-Mesos.html


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