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0.9.3 Posted to AppStore


Again a week later than planned. The main change in this feature is backgrounding the deco computation. This leads to a much more responsive and smoother UI. This makes the app much more useable, especially when doing multi day planning. It'll now handle 10 dives easily, without every change crawling to a halt.

This of course means it's caching more data, which is always more prone to bugs, so as always, don't hesitate to contact me here (or via email) if there's anything that seems suspicious.

Additionally there's been some changes to the ZHL16 implementation. It used to have a default minimum stop time of 0 minutes, whereas the VPM/B implementation used 1 minutes. For consistency, I've changed the ZHL16 code to also use 1 minute - yes, it's something that should be user configurable.

This means deeper stops. Ie. a deco plan that would have it's first stop at 24msw might now see a 1min stop at 27msw.

And other  bugs were fixed as well.

It's posted for review with the AppStore, and will hopefully be available soon.


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    0.9.3 is still sitting in the review pile at the AppStore, but it'll hopefully be available for upgrade sometime next week. I'll be in Mexico all of next week on a dive trip, so if there's some problems with the 0.9.3 release and I'm not responding, just give it a few days and I'll be back on the 20th.


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